Metapost – woo shiny new wordpress account!

2 Mar

I’m not entirely sure what I want to do with this account, so I’m going to make a list. I like lists. I’m like my mother that way.

I would like to make a series of posts on Les Miserables, examining various characters and their motivations through a lens critical of kyriarchy. Inspired by the comments section of this post on my LiveJournal.

  • Eponine
  • Cosette
  • Marius
  • Javert
  • Fantine
  • Cardinal whose name I’ve forgotten (EDIT: Bishop of  D___)
  • Valjean
  • possibly some more bit characters

I don’t really plan to keep a regular posting schedule, as I’m currently computerless (a painful tale of woe, cats and a bowl of soup), but I’ll update when I can.


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