Save About Face Theatre

16 Mar

Hat-tip goes to Shakesville.

About Face Theatre (AFT) is a LGBTQA theatre in Chicago, IL that’s having a bit of a crisis right now. They are in danger of closing their doors permanently, and needs immediate financial contributions to keep that from happening. LGBTQ safe-spaces are invaluable to communities, in my ever so humble opinion, because they give creedence to the LGBTQ experience – that it isn’t just something wrong with us, that it is who we are and we are not immoral for being attracted to other people, regardless of gender or sex, that we are not immoral for being female or male, regardless of our genitalia. It is inexpressibly important to let the voices that tell us that we are not wrong and that we are not alone continue to speak, continue to shape our lives.

From the press release on AFT’s website:

About Face Theatre creates exceptional, innovative and adventurous plays to advance the national dialogue on gender and sexual identity If About Face does not survive, the country will lose one of the few high-profile theaters making new work by and about the LGBTQ experience. The award-winning About Face Youth Theater serves queer youth by providing artistic experiences and leadership training.

In response to the economic downturn and significant debt, About Face has reduced its budget by over 30% by implementing staff and production cuts while also postponing our third show. This is the responsible action to take, but it is not enough. If you help us raise $300,000, we will solve our immediate crisis and build a foundation for ongoing financial health.

Donations can be made by clicking this link, by calling 773-784-8565 or by mailing a check to:

1222 W. Wilson
2nd Floor West
Chicago, IL 60640

Here’s a video that made me laugh like crazy from their Testimonials page.

If you can’t donate now (and even if you can!), please reblog this, forward links to people who might be receptive, link it to your Facebook page. Not to sound cliched, but every little bit helps keep this theatre on its feet, and helps LGBTQA people by giving them somewhere to go where they are loved and respected for who they are, rather than in spite of it.

Relevant links placed at the bottom of this post to save your scrolling finger: Donation via internet, Testimonials, AFT’s website and Face the Future campaign, a FAQ that answers, among other things, what the money will be used for


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