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28 Mar
Red means yes...99% accurate!

Red means yes...99% accurate!

I enjoyed last period’s period blogaround so much that I’ve decided to make it a feature, to be published on or around the first day of my cycle. I’ll put some links up, and perhaps some menstruation-related writings. If you have some nuggets of menstrual wisdom to share, feel free to leave a link in comments, and I’ll publish it the next cycle.


As you may be able to tell with the title of this series, I like rhymes. This explains my affection for this link.

Essin’ Em: Fucking Blood (period sex w00!)

Gender Goggles: Menstruation and being trans – the blogaround! (I was planning to do this next cycle, but eloriane beat me to it.)

The Pursuit of Harpyness: Periodical 3 (I should note that my love of rhymes is beaten out by my love of puns, so the title of their series sends me into giggle-fits.)

Shakesville: Feminism 101-Periods (oldie but goodie)

Frau Sally Benz: ummmmmm uhhhhhhh hmm (this is totally gonna be the image and prose for next cycle)

Womanist Musings: Boo Yah It’s Period Time (great post, especially with what I wrote below. Also, I look like Megan, but w/ auburn hair – she even has pit-hair! squee!)

Two Women Blogging: My Little Red Story

My Private Casbah: My First Period


So, last month when I said the Divacup was all that and a bag of chips (don’t those look yummy?)? I may have been exaggerating slightly. I do have some concerns with the way I relate to my period when I use it. Actually, it would be more accurate to say my concerns are with the way I don’t relate to my period with the Divacup.

In some ways, it forces me to confront the reality of my period more than I ever did with pads and tampons – I have to stick my fingers in my vagina to insert or remove it, which gets some blood on my hands. If I’m home, that’s no big deal because I can easily access a sink, and if I’m in a public restroom, I just wipe the blood off with some toilet paper. But in other ways, it’s like my period isn’t even there. I can’t feel the Divacup when it’s inserted, which bothers me, for reasons both rational and irrational. First, the rational. I forget the cup’s even inserted, which means that I leave it in for a lot longer than the recommended 12 hours – as in, I’ve left it in for over 48 hours before. That’s not healthy-sounding. Technically, the TSS risk posed by tampons isn’t present with menstrual cups, but I don’t want to push my luck. I think it would be wise to start using cloth pads in the latter part of my cycle, after the initial heavier flow in the first 3 days. Which means I need to get the sewing machine out and clean the sewing room (yes, I actually have a sewing room. It used to be a dining room – interesting insight into my priorities, no? Though right now, it’s more of a junk and dust-collecting room). Secondly, the irrational reason I don’t like the Divacup – I feel like this lack of awareness that my body is menstruating disconnects me from myself somehow. Menstruation is part of my reality – I feel like I should remember I’m on my period when, you know, I’m on my period. The first couple of days, I cramp a bit, but then, I forget about it completely, even though I usually continue menstruating for 3-4 more days. I feel like it disconnects me from my existence as a menstruating woman – like I have a detachable vagina. And that bothers me. My vagina is a part of me. It makes me feel somewhat disjointed that I can forget it exists for long stretches of time. I don’t feel like my period is something I should be able to forget about, and I’m not entirely sure why I feel that way – I only know that I don’t like it.


3 Responses to “Menstruation Station Blogaround”

  1. eloriane March 31, 2009 at 1:17 am #

    Hey! Thanks for the link!

    I have so say, “not being aware of my period” might be the only period-related problem I haven’t had. Although I sometimes find it’s weird that I don’t miss my period at all, like there’s this disconnect… I don’t miss my period at all. But that’s what makes period-blogging so fascinating– everyone’s story is different!

  2. Makeup DOLL February 4, 2010 at 5:41 pm #

    Hello sweetie, great site! I genuinely treasure this post.. I was wondering about this for a while now. This cleared a lot up for me! Do you have a rss feed that I can add?


  1. Blaah owwww aughh fuck meee uurgh: an overshare! « Gender Goggles - March 31, 2009

    […] I made the following comment at But I’d Rather Have a Bowl of Foxtrot: I have so say, “not being aware of my period” […]

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