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15 May

Before I begin this post, some friendly advice. Do not try to balance on unstable things. If you disregard that little nugget o’ wisdom, I recommend not placing the corner of a desk where, should the inevitable happen and you fall, your ear will break the fall for you. ‘Cause that would fucking hurt. And there would probably be blood. Not that I know from experience or anything.

Oh, right! I was writing a post! I was driving along the freeway today, when I saw a billboard that so infuriated me I had to flip it off (which may not be the wisest of moves, given that other drivers tend to take offense when one raises the middle finger in their direction, whether or not it is intended for them). Dear reader, here is a Photoshopped facsimile (no camera while driving) of the billboard that delivered such an irritable and irresponsible response:

Would you like some recreation with your misogyny?

Would you like some recreation with your misogyny?

Nice rack. And other accessories.

Nice RACK, AND OTHER ACCESSORIES?!? *spews outrage*

Because breasts are detachable from the woman. Because women are there to be objectified. Because breasts make you look better. They coordinate with your outfit. They supplement your attractiveness. They make you more fuckable.

Remember, always. You, breasted ones, are members of the sex class – the group of people that owes beauty to the rest of society. And you’d damn well better be able to take a compliment, you bitchy harpy prude, or we can’t speak for how well you’ll manage out in the real world when you can’t even deal with commendation. After all, we were just trying to be nice. We respect you, and we respect the effort you put into your appearance each and every second you’re visible to another person. For the rest of your life. What do you mean, that sounds like a death sentence?

*Title and inspiration for this post taken from the Shakesville series of the same name.


A little meta and a lotta awesome!

15 May

I’ve started a new blogging project, called “Why is there so much cat hair on my couch?” after a line in a brilliant post from Sady. My initial post explains why I started it, but here are the basics:

It’s a feminist webcomic, where I’d like to explore feminism and heirarchies of oppression, and be funny about it. I’d love collaborators and guest contributers; eloriane has already agreed to be a partner in crime first victim collaborator. If you want to contribute something – artwork, ideas, conversation to spring a comic from – e-mail me at niemaodpowiedzi at gmail dot com.

No fears – I’ll still be blogging here, I’ll just be working on stuff over there too.

I’m done with school for now, so I’m working through the incroyable build-up of posts that is my RSS reader – down to a bit over 550. I’ll be back to posting soon, hopefully.