Anxiety Triggers

25 May

Herein lies a list of a number of my anxiety attack triggers. This is not a conclusive list of my triggers, nor should it be taken as representative of any other person’s anxiety triggers, but I consider it quite interesting nonetheless. Several of these are subcategories, rather than categories unto themselves, but WordPress doesn’t allow that level of bullet complexity. It should be taken as given that this post may trigger an anxiety reaction in readers.

Without further ado, the list:

  • Large crowds
  • The Beatles song “Run For Your Life,” from their album Rubber Soul (serious trigger warning on the lyrics). I can’t even listen to the album, which has some of my favorite songs on it, because of this damn song.
  • Transportation: driving, being driven, anticipation of either. Often begin to visualize gory wrecks.
  • Small crowds
  • Small spaces
  • Interaction with my mother
  • Interaction with my lover’s mother or father
  • Interaction with strangers
  • Interaction with doctors/health professionals
  • Discussing anxiety/anxiety attacks
  • Snakes, living or dead or in pictorial representations
  • Bugs on my skin
  • Physical pain
  • Phone calls
  • Unexpected touch
  • Expected touch
  • Breeze on leg/arm/head hair
  • Being too cold
  • Being too warm
  • Socks on my feet
  • Spilling a drink, especially on myself
  • Loud noises, especially unanticipated loud noise
  • The idea of eating or touching meat
  • Going to classes
  • Missing classes
  • Itchy skin
  • Waiting rooms
  • Music I don’t like
  • Lack of personal space
  • Grocery stores
  • Showers/bathing

One Response to “Anxiety Triggers”

  1. inyourpanorama June 28, 2010 at 12:50 pm #

    I completely understand the concept of being triggered by songs. (Some of The Beatles’ stuff really does have heinous lyrics—”Run For Your Life” is probably the worst, but “Getting Better” is really awful as well, especially in its flippancy.) With me, even though I think now I’m able to listen to it, I used to be REALLY triggered by the song “Yeah! Oh, Yeah!” by The Magnetic Fields—if you’ve heard the song, you know what I mean, if you haven’t, it involves violent acts with knives, probably my worst trigger. What I’ve done to help defuse it was to translate it into French, which is something I do in general with songs and is something that stimulates and relaxes me. It’s been really hard to reconcile my love for certain types of black comedy with my often violent OCD-related thoughts, though.

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