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A little meta and a lotta awesome!

15 May

I’ve started a new blogging project, called “Why is there so much cat hair on my couch?” after a line in a brilliant post from Sady. My initial post explains why I started it, but here are the basics:

It’s a feminist webcomic, where I’d like to explore feminism and heirarchies of oppression, and be funny about it. I’d love collaborators and guest contributers; eloriane has already agreed to be a partner in crime first victim collaborator. If you want to contribute something – artwork, ideas, conversation to spring a comic from – e-mail me at niemaodpowiedzi at gmail dot com.

No fears – I’ll still be blogging here, I’ll just be working on stuff over there too.

I’m done with school for now, so I’m working through the incroyable build-up of posts that is my RSS reader – down to a bit over 550. I’ll be back to posting soon, hopefully.