Oppression 101

This blog explores concepts in feminism and other forms of activism that I may not fully explain within the posts, partly because it would be exhausting to keep repeating the same things over and over, and partly because others have phrased it better than I feel I could. Here are links to those basic concepts I plan to discuss, with the hopes that my readers will be willing to discuss things with this background.

This page will grow and change over time, so check back every once in a while for updates. I would greatly appreciate links to good, oppression-fighting and privilege-examining resources in comments.

Newsarama: Just Past the Horizon: Censorship (since this blog is strongly based on critique, it feels important to explain the difference between critique and censorship.)

The Nation: Shotgun Adoption

Womanist Musings: Get Your 101 On (a good analysis of why these conversations are necessary)

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Feminist Political Philosophy

The Curvature: Pulling the Plug on Rape Culture

Shakesville: The Survivor Thread (in case you were under the mistaken impression that women are paranoid about rape, even though you totally wouldn’t fuck most of them because they’re ZOMG ugly/unrapeable)

Shakesville: Feminism 101

Shakesville: Nouning Considered Harmful

Shakesville: I Done Good – Where’s My Sexual Gratification?

Shakesville: On Language and the Commodification of Sex Via Humor

Finally, A Feminism 101 Blog

Shapely Prose : Don’t You Realize Fat Is Unhealthy?

Resist Racism: Racism 101

Womanist Musings: Queer is a State of Mind (guest contributer Silvia Straka)

Questioning Transphobia: How To Check Your Cis Privilege

Taking Up Too Much Space: Beyond Inclusion: Trans Women As Equal Partners in Feminism

Taking Up Too Much Space: Cis Privilege Checklist

Editorializing the Editors: Overly Helpful Dudes (if you want my take on chivalry, this is pretty damn close, and why I don’t like people questioning my ability to manage an 18 pound bag of grapefruit. Not that I’m bitter.)

Editorializing the Editors: How Not To Be A Feminist Ally

xkcd: Penises

Peggy McIntosh: White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack [pdf – HTML here]

Scarleteen: How [does one] know if someone is giving consent or not? (words changed for gender-neutrality)


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